Antonio Banderas in Interview with the... | 1994

Clip Name: Killing Girl on Stage


Antonio Banderas in Interview with the Vampire: the Vampire Chronicles | 1994

Starring: Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Virginia McCollam
Directed by: Neil Jordan
About this actor

José Antonio Domínguez Bandera (born August 10, 1960), better known as Antonio Banderas, is a Spanish film actor, film director, film producer and singer. He began his acting career at age 19 with a series of films by director Pedro Almodóvar and then appeared in high-profile Hollywood films including Assassins, Evita, Interview with the Vampire, Philadelphia, Desperado, The Mask of Zorro, Spy Kids and the Shrek sequels. Banderas was born in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain in 1960 to Ana Bandera, a school teacher, and José Domínguez, a police officer in the Guardia Civil. He has a younger brother, Francisco. He took his mother's surname as his stage name. He initially wanted to be a soccer player, but his dream ended when he broke his foot at age 14. Banderas divorced his first wife, Ana Leza, and in May 1996 married American actress Melanie Griffith, whom he had met a year earlier while shooting Two Much. They have a daughter, Stella del Carmen (born 1996), who appeared with her parents in...

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