Harris Yulin in Scarface | 1980

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Harris Yulin in Scarface | 1980

Starring: Al Pacino, Steven Bauer and Michelle Pfeiffer
Directed by: Brian De Palma
About this actor

Harris Yulin (born November 5, 1937) is an American actor who has appeared in dozens of Hollywood and television films. Yulin first emerged in the Brian De Palma film Scarface (1983) as Mel Bernstein. He appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the episode "Duet". During the second season of 24 he played the Director of the National Security Agency Roger Stanton. He was nominated for a 1996 Emmy for his portrayal of crime boss Jerome Belasco in the television series Frasier. In the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer he played Quentin Travers, head of the Watchers' Council. Yulin also appeared in Season 3 of Entourage in the episode "Return of the King" as studio head Arthur Gadoff. In 2009, Yulin performed in The People Speak, a documentary feature film that uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries, and speeches of everyday Americans, based on historian Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. He is currently starring in Arthur Miller's Death of a...

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