Joanne Whalley in Flood | 2007

Clip Name: The Storm Hits the Barrier


Joanne Whalley in Flood | 2007

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig and Tom Courtenay
Directed by: Tony Mitchell
About this actor

Joanne Whalley (born 25 August 1964) is an English actress. Born in Salford but brought up in Stockport, Whalley first appeared in How We Used To Live and bit parts in soap operas, especially Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Her early film roles include a non-speaking part as a groupie in Pink Floyd's The Wall; and as a young Beatles fan in Birth of the Beatles. In the post punk era, she flirted with the fringes of the Manchester New Wave scene and was briefly a member of a Stockport-based band called The Slowguns but left before the release of their two singles. Later, in 1982, at Abbey Road Studios as the lead singer of the pop group Cindy & The Saffrons, they recorded the Shangri-Las song "Past, Present and Future" and the next year, "Terry" by Twinkle. The group split up soon thereafter. In 1982 she played Ingrid Rothwell in A Kind of Loving, a well received Granada TV adaptation of Stan Barstow's three Vic Brown novels. Joanne Whalley acted in the film No Surrender (Dumbarton...

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