Michael Preston in Mad Max 2 | 1981

Clip Name: Max Offers to Drive the Truck


Michael Preston in Mad Max 2 | 1981

Starring: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence and Michael Preston
Directed by: George Miller
About this actor

Michael Preston (born Jack Davies 14 May 1938, Hackney, London, England) is an international film and television actor, sometimes credited as Mike Preston. Preston was a boxer and then became a singer. Preston appeared on Oh Boy! and his first gramophone record, "Dirty Old Town" was produced by Joe Meek. He had three Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart, before emigrating to Australia where he worked as a nightclub singer. He then became a host on television, and then an actor. He was a guest host on In Melbourne Tonight in 1968. His first ongoing starring role on television in was in the long-running police drama series Homicide as Sen. Det. Bob Delaney from 1972-1973. He later had a recurring role in the soap opera Bellbird as Fr. John Kramer between 1974-1976. He later took a lead role in prison-based soap opera Punishment (1981) but this series was short-lived. Preston also acted in films. His first feature film was Surabaya Conspiracy (1969); other film roles included playing...

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