Romola Garai in Atonement | 2007

Clip Name: The French Soldier


Romola Garai in Atonement | 2007

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Ailidh Mackay and Brenda Blethyn
Directed by: Joe Wright
About this actor

Romola Sadie Garai (pronounced /ˈrɒmələ ˈseɪdi ˈɡæri/; born 6 August 1982) is a British actress and model. Garai was born in Hong Kong, the daughter of Janet, a journalist, and Adrian Garai, a banker. Her first name is the female version of Romulus, one of the founders of Rome. Garai's father is of Hungarian Jewish descent; her great-grandfather was Bert Garai, the founder of the Keystone Press. Garai is the third of four siblings. She moved to Singapore at five, before her family returned to Wiltshire in England when she was eight. She attended an independent boarding school, Stonar School in Wiltshire, and later moved at sixteen to London to attend the City of London School for Girls, where she ended up finishing off her A-levels. She was fond of drama and appeared in school plays, and also with the National Youth Theatre up until the age of eighteen, where she was spotted by an agent who whisked her away to play the younger version of Dame Judi Dench's character in the critically...

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