Tadanobu Asano in Last Life in the... | 2003

Clip Name: The Last Lizard


Tadanobu Asano in Last Life in the Universe | 2003

Starring: Tadanobu Asano, Sinitta Boonyasak and Laila Boonyasak
Directed by: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
About this actor

Tadanobu Asano (浅野 忠信, Asano Tadanobu), born Tadanobu Sato (佐藤 忠信, Satō Tadanobu, born November 27, 1973), is a Japanese actor. He is best known for his roles such as Dragon Eye Morrison in Electric Dragon 80.000 V, Kakihara in Ichi the Killer, Mamoru Arita in Bright Future, Hattori Genosuke in Zatoichi, Kenji in Last Life in the Universe, Aman in Survive Style 5+, Ayano in The Taste of Tea, and Temudjin in Mongol. Asano was born in Yokohama to a Japanese father and a mother of Navajo ancestry. His father, an actors' agent, suggested he take on his first acting role in the TV show Kinpachi Sensei at the age of 16. His film debut was in the 1990 Swimming Upstream (Bataashi Kingyo), though his first major critical success was in Shunji Iwai's Fried Dragon Fish (1993). His first critical success internationally was Hirokazu Koreeda's Maboroshi no Hikari (1995), in which he played a man who inexplicably throws himself in front of a train, widowing his wife and orphaning his infant son. He...

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