Zach Braff in Wish I Was Here | 2014

Clip Name: Wish I Was Here - Trailer


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Zach Braff in Wish I Was Here | 2014

Starring: Zach Braff, Kate Hudson and Mandy Patinkin
Directed by: Zach Braff
About this actor

Zachary Israel "Zach" Braff (born April 6, 1975) is an American actor, screenwriter, producer and director. Braff first became known in 2001 for his role as Dr. John Dorian on the television series Scrubs. In 2004, Braff made his directorial debut with Garden State, a coming of age film. Braff returned to his home state of New Jersey to shoot the film, which was produced on a budget of $2.5 million. The film made over $35 million at the box office and was praised by critics. Braff wrote the film, starred in it, and compiled the soundtrack record, for which he won a Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album in 2005. Braff made his film debut in 1993 with a supporting role in Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery. He is also known for starring in the films The Last Kiss and The Ex, and for his voice work on Chicken Little. Braff was born in South Orange, New Jersey, to a Jewish family. His parents, Hal Braff, a trial attorney and sociology professor, and Anne Brodzinsky, a clinical...

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