Les Claypool’s Electric Apricot | 2006

Clip Name: A Major Breakthrough


Les Claypool’s Electric Apricot | 2006

Starring: Jonathan Korty, Adam Gates and Bryan Kehoe
Directed by: Les Claypool
About this director

Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool (born September 29, 1963 in Richmond, California, U.S.) is a musician, best known as the lead vocalist and bassist in the band Primus. Claypool's funky, creative playing style on the electric bass mixes finger-tapping, flamenco-like strumming, whammy bar bends (unusual on a bass guitar), a Larry Graham-like slap technique, and Geddy Lee influences. Claypool has also self produced and engineered his solo releases from his own studio "Rancho Relaxo". 2006 saw the release of a full-length feature film Electric Apricot written and directed by Claypool as well as a debut novel South of the Pumphouse. Claypool was born September 29, 1963 in Richmond, California, but was raised in El Sobrante, California in a working class family with a history of working as auto mechanics. His early education included Collins Elementary School and De Anza High School, where he was a personal friend of Kirk Hammett. Les' parents divorced when he was a young child, but he says...

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