Acts of Worship | 2001

Clip Name: Relaxing in the Water


Acts of Worship | 2001

Starring: Ana Reeder, Michael Hyatt and Nestor Rodriguez
Directed by: Rosemary Rodriguez
About this movie

"...a mercilessly gritty portrait...scenes that are so real they hurt." - Stephen Holden The New York Times. ACTS OF WORSHIP is a story of addiction, friendship loss and redemption focusing on the relationship between Alix (Ana Reeder), a young homeless addict and Digna (Michael Hyatt), a successful photographer in Manhattans Lower East Side. When Digna discovers Alix unconscious on the stairs of her building, she steps in and offers help despite her own fears. Digna befriends Alix and attempts to set her on the path to recovery but not before their emotional and ethical cores are put to the test. On the surface the two women seem to represent success and failure. However when their lives become intertwined the similarities between them are exposed, revealing them both to be suffering the same fear that manifests itself in loneliness, self-destruction and isolation. CAST: Ana Reeder ("Diary of a City Priest"), Michael Hyatt ("Pushing Tin", "The Good Girl", "Washington Heights") Nestor Rodriguez ("Cyclone").

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