American Me | 1992

Clip Name: Old Friends in Prison


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Killing that first night got me...

    the worst that juvie had to offer:.

    An extended sentence with a guaranteed bus ride...

    to the big time as soon as I turned 18.

    But the respect I earned,

    made me think I'd found the answer.

    When J.D. showed up a year later,

    I knew we'd get even stronger.

    Hey, man, what's your name?.

    Hey! Where you from?

    La Primera. East Los.

    You talk like a fuckin' chicon, man.

    I'll check you out later.

    Orale, I see they finally let your white ass out of the hospital, carnal.


    How you doin', man?.

    Cool, ese.


    You guys, check it out, man.

    This right here's J.D., my best crime partner.

    This is Chewie, Casper, Chuco, Raymond and Big Happy.


    Can I talk to you, ese?

    Yeah, come here. What's wrong, brother?.

    You thinking of letting him in, ese?

    I told you he was my best crime partner.

    He ain't Mexican, ese.

    You know what, he's like my brother. Understand?.


    So, homes, how's that leg?.

    Check it out, hard as a rock, ese.

    Shit, homes, throw some shellac on it!

    Shit! I'll still run your ass to the ground, ese.

    Check him out!


    I seen that dude before.

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