Baby Mama | 2008

Clip Name: Stefani's Birthday Party


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday, dear Stefani

    Happy birthday to you

    Hey, Angie.

    Are you two still together?

    No, we're not together.

    He's just trying to be a better father, take some parenting classes.

    He just started.

    I see you.

    You think you're funny, punk? What'd I tell you about hiding from me?

    Quit hiding from me. You think you're funny?


    This is a gasoline-powered mini-Ninja motorcycle.

    Oh, my God, Carl.

    You bought a motorcycle for a one-year-old?

    That is crazy. Really crazy.

    That's exactly what she wanted! Yay!

    That's great.

    Kate, let me give your baby my mojo.

    Well, time is love. Got to run.


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