Blazing Saddles | 1974

Clip Name: Learning of the Plan


Blazing Saddles | 1974

Starring: Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder and Slim Pickens
Directed by: Mel Brooks
About this movie

Sure, Blazing Saddles has a plot: A corrupt politician appoints a black sheriff to the town of Rock Ridge. His plan is that the townsfolk will either lynch the sheriff or abandon the town, thus allowing him to demolish the town and run the railroad line through it cheaply. Hijinks ensue. As with any Mel Brooks film, it’s the hijinks that really matter, and in this film they are done to perfection. Mel Brooks’ signature anachronisms abound, along with Yiddish-speaking Indians and Madeline Kahn (an excellent singer under normal circumstances) perfectly missing every single note in the classic cabaret scene, I’m So Tired. It’s even the first film from a major studio to include a fart joke. What’s not to love?

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