Blood Diamond | 2006

Clip Name: Coetzee Demands in


  • Character
  • Unknown

    It seems the rebels have taken back the diamond fields, Danny.

    The government of Sierra Leone has contracted us... go in there and take the rebels down.

    So you sell the rebels weapons...

    ...the government hires you when they use them? Nice, sir.

    I assume you're asking for mining concessions, huh?

    We save the government, they show their gratitude.

    And you get rich, right?

    How long have I known you, Danny?

    I was... I was 19, sir.

    And you survived. A lot of boys didn't. Why is that?

    Just lucky, I guess.

    No, you were a good soldier. But I made you better, didn't I?

    Yes, sir. Yes, you did.

    And over the years, didn't I protect you...

    ...teach you about diamonds, cut you in on the deals?

    - Some might call it that, yeah. - But not you...

    ...because you done with me now, eh? On to bigger things.

    I need a man that knows his way around up there.

    Unless, of course, you wanna cut me in. Something pink?


    Our deal went bad, and you owe me money.

    I'll take a stone as payment.

    Look, do you think if I found a stone like that, I'd still be on this continent?

    - Come on. - Danny, give me your hand.

    That's red earth. It's in our skin.

    The Shona say the color comes from all the blood...

    ...that's being spilled fighting over the land.

    This is home. You'll never leave Africa.

    If you say so, sir.

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