Brick | 2005

Clip Name: I Can't Trust You


  • Character
  • Laura

    You're quite a pill.

  • Brendan


  • Laura

    Where are you going? Home.

    Why did you take a powder the other night?

  • Brendan

    Same reason I'm taking one now. Hold it!

  • Laura

    I wanna help you. Go away.

  • Brendan

    Look, I can't trust you. You ought to be smart enough to know that.

    I didn't shake up the party to get your attention,

    and I'm not heeling you to hook you.

    Your connections could help me, but the bad baggage they bring

    could make it zero sum gain or even hurt me.

    Better off coming at it clean.

  • Laura

    I wouldn't have to lead you in by the...

  • Brendan

    I can't trust you.

    Brad was a sap, you weren't.

    You're with him, so you're playing him.

    So you're a player.

    With you behind me, I'd have to tie one eye up,

    watching both of your hands. I can't spare it.

  • Unknown

    You're not Brad. No, I'm not.

    You didn't call. Sorry. Kara went home though, didn't she?

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