Crossing Over | 2009

Clip Name: Bargaining


  • Character
  • Unknown

    You're goddamn amazing.


    You really are...

    ...a perfect little fuck machine.

    Without a green card.

    Well, maybe we could do something about that.

    You can get me a green card?

    I can't just manufacture one for you.

    I'm not in the counterfeiting business.

    But I can have your file and application...

    ...which would conveniently land on my desk...

    ...and regardless of the merits of that application... would be approved.

    You could really pull that off?

    Like, on what grounds?

    You're a recognized TV star in Australia, Claire.

    I'm bloody well not. I'm not even close.

    I don't know that.

    And no one else does.

    You fabricate some credits...

    ...a few, uh, Aussie awards...

    ...some bullshit testimonials.

    And I make it fly.

    It's called an EB-1.

    It's a green card for persons of extraordinary ability.

    Are you jerking me around?

    Or is this real?

    Because if you can make this happen for me-

    You'd make it worth my while.


    For two weeks.

    For a green card?

    Six months, baby.

    I don't think so.

    One month.

    Three months.

    Two months...

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