Dawn of the Dead | 2004

Clip Name: Sos


  • Character
  • Unknown

    What are they?

  • Ana

    I don't know. Why are they coming here?

  • Kenneth

    Memory, maybe. Instinct. Maybe they're coming for us.

  • Unknown

    Look over there. There's someone on the roof.

    His name's Andy. He's alone.

    He may as well be on the moon.

    Poor guy.

    What's he pointing at?


    Hey, it's coming.

    Fuckin' A, man!

    Hey! Hey!


    Where's he...?

    Please... What's he doing? Where's he going?

    No. I mean, they saw us, so...

    They'll be coming back, baby. Don't worry. They'll send somebody.

    It's safe here. We'll just wait for them to come back.

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