Diary of the Dead | 2007

Clip Name: Killing Zombie Friend and Leaving with Car


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Jason! A little help here.

    I'm shooting.

    Oh, Ridley. Can you give me hand?


    Oh shit. He's fuckin dead!

    Oh fuck!

    Jason! A little help here?

    Run! Run, Tracey!

  • Jason Creed

    See? I told you dead things move slow.

  • Unknown

    Where the fuck did they go?




    Oh shit!

    I can�t fuckin believe this!

    This is like a goddamn mummy movie!

    Jason, put down that stupid camera and help me!

    Get that Jason? I hope you're happy. You son of a bitch!

    Cut! Cut!

    This isn't a movie Jason. It's real!

    I'm trying to distract it. Cut! Cut!

    Don't mess with Texas.

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