Elf | 2003

Clip Name: An Unexpected Guest


  • Character
  • Unknown

    All right, all right.

    We've had another very successful year.


    So, after all that hard work,

    It's time to start preparations

    For next Christmas!


    What in the name of Sam hill Is that?

    Elves: Wow...

    Male elf: A baby...

    Elf: "little buddy diapers."

    His name is buddy. He must've...

    Snuck into your sack at the orphanage.

    What do we do?

    Papa elf: So, Santa had a Decision to make,

    And fortunately, when it Comes to babies,

    Santa's a... a pushover.

    So, buddy stayed with, uh An older elf

    Who had always wanted a child?

    But had been so committed to Building toys, he...

    He, well, had forgotten to Settle down.


    Yes, yes, I... I raised buddy.

    I was his adopted father.

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