Fred Claus | 2007

Clip Name: Blitzen's Story


  • Character
  • Unknown

    So you fell down, big deal.

    Fred, not everybody falls down on his face in front of the girl he loves.

    I looked like a total idiot out there.

    How am I ever gonna be seen in public again? It's ridiculous.

    Thank goodness Blitzen didn't feel that way the first time he learned how to fly.

    When Blitzen learned to f...? Why don't I know this story?

    Oh, come off it, Willie. Everyone knows this story.

    When Blitzen learned to fly?

    He fell on his face.

    He did?

    He'd try and take a run... Yeah.

    He'd run and he'd fall flat on his face.

    But he picked himself up and he'd keep trying.

    And eventually, he stopped thinking and he flew.

    It's common knowledge.

    Fred, come on.

    It's true.

    I'm not Blitzen, though. I'm no Blitzen.

    Well, I disagree with you, Willie.

    I know you got more Blitzen in you than you realize.

  • Fred Claus

    Love is so complicated.

  • Unknown

    Yeah, can be.

  • Willie

    It hurts.

  • Unknown

    I'm proud of you, Willie.

    Now, good night.

    Good night, Fred.

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