Jaws 2 | 1978

Clip Name: Saving Sean


  • Character
  • Police Chief Martin Brody

    Amity Launch to Harbour Patrol.

    Amity Launch to Harbour...

    Damn it!

  • Unknown

    Sean, catch the rope!

    Come on, the rope!


    Sean, catch the rope!

    Sean, the rope!

    Come on, Sean!

    Come on, Sean!

    Come on!


    Sean, catch the rope!

    The rope, Sean!

    Come on, Sean!

    Come on! You've gotta help or it won't work.

    Will you stop?

    Come on, Sean, wake up!

    Pick it up!


    Sean, goddamn it.

    Sean, listen to me or I'll break your ass!

    OK, come on.

    OK, Sean, now listen.

    We'll throw you this rope and you better catch it.

    Sean, you ready?

    Here it comes, kid.

    Get it, Sean.

    Sean, get it.

    Come on, get it.

    Good. Now tie it around the centreboard.

    Tie it tight.

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