Life After Tomorrow | 2006

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Life After Tomorrow | 2006

Starring: Jennine Babo, William Berloni and Theda Stemler Blackwood
Directed by: Gil Cates Jr., Julie Stevens
About this movie

"Life After Tomorrow" reunites more than 40 women who played orphans in the Broadway production of "Annie" and reveals the highs and lows of their experiences as child actresses in a cultural phenomenon. Once the curtain came down, many found it could be a hard-knock-life, fraught with out-of-control stage mothers, separation anxiety, and worst of all, pubescent growth spurts that could find the moppets being replaced by smaller, younger editions just waiting in the wings. As one cast member in the film remarks, "The younger ones are coming to take your place and youre 12. Its not like you are getting downsized at50...youre 12!" While their lives moved on, the impact of the experience remains. Features behind-the-curtain footage from the original Broadway production and performances with the reunited orphans. Includes interviews with the creators of "Annie," composer CHARLES STROUSE and director/lyricist MARTIN CHARNIN. Appearances by SARAH JESSICA PARKER (HBOs "Sex and the City"), DARA BROWN (MSNBC anchor), MARTHA BYRNE ("As theWorld Turns"), ALLISON SMITH ("The West Wing"), JULIE STEVENS ("Barbies The Princess and the Pauper") and more! Directed and Produced by JULIE STEVENS and GIL CATES, Jr.

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