Life | 1999

Clip Name: Attacking Sheriff Pike


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Now you're sure it was him.

    Some faces you just don't forget.

    Warren Pike is one of 'em.

    Got a bird!

    That's quite a haul.

    What d'ya say, Mr. Pike? You about ready to call it a day?

    Yeah, it's gettin' late...

    ...and I sure as hell could use a nice, hot bath.

    That's a mighty fine timepiece you got there, Mr. Pike.

    Even play a fancy tune, huh?

    Yeah, it's special.

    They don't make 'em like that anymore.

    I'll bet they don't.

    Would you mind if I asked where you got that from?

    My wife gave it to me on our anniversary some years back.

    About 40 years back?

    Forty years. Yeah, something like that.

    She give you that scar on your face too?

    I oughta kill you for that remark.

    What's goin' on here?

    I think I might just have to teach this uppity nigger...

    ...a lesson in manners.

    Ray, be cool. You gonna get us in a lot of trouble now.

    He's right, Gibson. You put that gun down, or I'm gonna have to shoot ya.

    Then we about to be some shot-up motherfuckers.

    Don't nobody shoot nobody. Ray...

    ...I wanna see this son of a bitch dead. I don't wanna see you go down with him.

    Give me the gun.

    He got my daddy's watch! He killed Winston Hancock!

    Don't listen to him. He's crazy.

    Stop. Think about what you're sayin'.

    I know what I'm sayin'!

    That's the only thing my daddy ever give me.

  • Dexter Wilkins

    Is there any truth in what this man is saying?

  • Older Sheriff Pike

    What the hell difference does it make?

    At least the state of Mississippi got 40 years of cheap labor out of the deal.

  • Unknown

    Motherfucker, you took our lives. Gimme the gun.

    I'm gonna kill this motherfucker myself.


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