My Blueberry Nights | 2007

Clip Name: Getting Nose Bleeds


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Lousy bloody camera


    Alright. Come on. Break it... Alright!

    Take it outside. Take it out...

    None of your business cupcake!

    Don't start with me mate!

    Don't you start... Come here!

    Right you come here

    Get out of my place!

    Don't start with me!

    Get out!

    Hey you haven't paid yet!

    Can I have a tissue?

    What happened?

    Did he hit you?


    Well what?

    I got mugged on the subway

    I thought Pork Chop lived around here?

    He does

    What were you doing on the subway?


    I just needed some time to prepare myself

    I was gonna get off in a few stops

    I don't know, I just

    The next thing I knew, I ended up in the Bronx

    That's a very interesting way to prepare yourself

    I've never been very good at confrontation

    Some people enjoy it

    Not me

    Hey, are you alright?

    Should we call the police or something?


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