Planet Terror | 2007

Clip Name: Zombies Watching J.T. Bone Shack Restaurant


  • Character
  • Unknown

    I know it sounds a little arrogant puttin' upp a sign--

    "Best damn barbecue in Texas..."


    But, hell...

    who's gonna come in here and argue about that?

    Oh, yeah. Big contest comin' up.


    I'm workin' on the perfect sauce.


    That'll put me on the Food Channel.

    Put this pplace back on the mapp where it belongs.

    I'll talk to you later.

    Can I interest y'all in a plate of soon-to-be-award-winnin' barbecue?

    You're from Dinky's, ain't ya?

    Well, you tell that sumbitch,

    he thinks he's gonna come over here and get my recippes...

    well, I got a double-barreled answer to his query right inside.

    God damn, that's good.

    Doctor Block!

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