Psycho | 1960

Clip Name: Dine in Office Part 2


  • Character
  • Norman Bates

    You know, foxes and chimps.

    Some people even stuff dogs and cats, but, oh, I can't do that.

    I think only birds look well stuffed because...

    Well, because they're kind of passive to begin with.

  • Unknown

    It's a strange hobby. Curious.

  • Norman Bates

    Uncommon too.

  • Unknown

    Oh, I imagine so.

  • Norman Bates

    And it's... it's not as expensive as you'd think. It's cheap, really.

    You know, needles and thread, sawdust.

    The chemicals are the only thing that, that cost anything.

  • Unknown

    A man should have a hobby.

  • Norman Bates

    Well, it's... it's more than a hobby.

    A hobby's supposed to pass the time, not fill it.

  • Unknown

    Is your time so empty?

  • Norman Bates

    No. Uh...

    Well, I run the office and tend the cabins and grounds and do little, uh, errands for my mother the ones she allows I might be capable of doing.

  • Unknown

    Do you go out with friends?

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