Role Models | 2008

Clip Name: Hail Lunesta


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Esplen, Goddess of Navalore.

    Venus herself would be jealous. Braman, good to see you.

    Good morrow, sir! Good morrow to you.

    Good morning.

    Keep your blades sharp but your wits sharper.

    Ah! Gleebo, look at you. A visage.

  • Kuzzik

    Men, get ready to dance with swords!

  • Unknown

    Alack and allay! What lovely vassal has Mercury delivered upon us today

    and in such strange and frightful attire?

  • Augie Farks

    Let us thank the gods

    for sending us such a brave and valiant warrior to Xanthia.

    All hail Lunesta.

  • Unknown

    Hail, Lunesta!

    How's it going? Lunesta?

    Isn't that a sleeping pill?

  • Danny Donahue

    Yeah. It's 'cause I send my enemies to their eternal resting place.

  • Unknown

    "To sleep, perchance to dream."

    Well, welcome, Lunesta. We bid you good battle.

    Prepare to have your worldview rocked.

    Let's do this.

    Let's do this, we shall!

    The battle begins!

    Turn and fight, coward!

    You'll never catch me!

  • Danny Donahue

    What have you got?

  • Augie Farks

    The Cacedonians have our kinsmen surrounded.

  • Unknown

    Leave them for Davith.

    Prepare for a Glencracken!

  • Augie Farks


  • Unknown


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