Smiley Face | 2007

Clip Name: A Plan


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Oh, fuck.

  • Agent

    Listen, Jane. I really busted my ass

    getting you this audition so please, please, please

    don't fuck it up. It seems like you don't even give

    a shit about any of this.

    Do you? Do you even give a shit?

  • Jane F.

    I give a shit.

  • Unknown

    Plan... need a plan.

    My plan.

    Number one. Buy more pot.

    You know, so I can make more cupcakes for Steve.

    Number two: use the money Steve left

    for the power bill to purchase said pot.

    That way I can bake some fresh cupcakes

    before he gets back.

    Then I'll go to my audition.

    I mean, number three: go to my audition.

    I've never been to an audition this stoned before.

    but I'd be willing to wager that I'd be damned good

    because I'll be even more in touch with my creative self!

    That's not really a part of the plan. Scratch that.

    Four: hit the cash machine, zip on over to pay that power bill,

    pick up cupcake supplies at the store

    and head on back to home base to bake 'em up.

    Not bad... for a person who happens to be quite stoned.

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