The Chronicles of Riddick | 2004

Clip Name: In the Dark


  • Character
  • Toombs

    Open up in there! Open up!

    Stand back!

  • Unknown

    They are searching houses.

    They look for a man who came here today.

    They think he might be a spy.

    A spy.

    Did someone see him come here today? Did they?

    Lajjun, stop!

    I will send them away. But wait one minute, please.

    Will you wait one minute to save worlds?

  • Riddick

    Not my fight.

  • Unknown

    So you will leave us to our fate?

    Just like you did her.

    Break it down!

    Get in!

    Come, let us try to send them away.

    Just let me have her!

    Come on.

    Leave us alone.

    There is no one here.

    You don't understand. He can help us!

  • Riddick

    You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

  • Unknown

    The light hurts my eyes.

    Where is he?

    He went to this side!

    Where is he?

    In here.

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