The Dark Knight | 2008

Clip Name: Hostile Witness


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Is that man in this courtroom today?

    -Could you identify him for us, please? -You win, counselor.

    It was me.

    I have a sworn statement from you that this man Salvatore Maroni, is the new head of the Falcone crime family.

    Maroni? He's a fall guy. I'm the brains of the organization.

    Order. -Permission to treat the witness as hostile?

    -Granted. -Hostile? I'll show you hostile!

  • Harvey Dent

    Carbon fiber, .28 caliber, made in China.

    If you wanna kill a public servant, Mr. Maroni, I recommend you buy American.

  • Judge Freel

    Get him out of here. -But, Your Honor, I'm not done.

  • Unknown

    We'll never be able to link the gun to Maroni, so we can't charge him.

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