The Great Outdoors | 1988

Clip Name: Bear Story


  • Character
  • Kate Craig

    Roman taught me. He's vicious.

  • Roman Craig

    Buddy Riecher died.

  • Unknown

    Oh, no.

  • Roman Craig

    President of Energy Resources.

  • Kate Craig


  • Roman Craig

    Died in bed.

  • Unknown

    He was your mentor, wasn't he?

  • Roman Craig

    A man I admired.

  • Unknown

    I'm trying to read here!

    Sorry. Sorry.

  • Chet Ripley

    I think I have to, er, tell you this story.

    A story that might save your lives up here in the woods.

  • Roman Craig

    I know the Heimlich maneuver.

  • Chet Ripley

    No. This is a...

    a bear story.

    A true bear story.

    Connie and I honeymooned at this very lake.

  • Roman Craig

    Big spender!

  • Chet Ripley

    We stayed at my uncle's cabin.

  • Buck Ripley

    Uncle George?

  • Chet Ripley

    Yeah. That's right.

    One night we were getting ready for bed

    and we heard this terrible noise out by the trash cans.

    You remember? And, er...

    I went downstairs to check it out, looked out the window...

    and there...

    was the biggest, baddest bear in the north woods.

  • Unknown

    Sure, Dad.

  • Connie Ripley

    No, it's true. It's true.

  • Chet Ripley

    This bear was over eight feet high.

    With big, white teeth.


    stained pink...

    from whatever it killed before it got to our cabin.

    It was frightening.


    The paws on this thing were immense.

  • Kate Craig


  • Chet Ripley

    With big, black claws.

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