The Great Outdoors | 1988

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  • Character
  • Unknown

    That was quite a surprise. You got me.

  • Chet Ripley

    And the whole week you'll be here.

  • Unknown

    Ha-ha, OK!

    Oh, wow. Just something.

    Anyway, you're an intelligent man.

    Thank you.

    Make a good living.

    Not bad.

    Got a good life.

    Pretty good.

  • Roman Craig

    Answer me this.

  • Chet Ripley


  • Roman Craig

    Why would you want to come to a no-man's-land like this

    and live like a barbarian for a week?

  • Chet Ripley

    You wouldn't understand.

  • Roman Craig

    Try me.

  • Chet Ripley

    I have great memories of this country. I used to come here with my dad

    and I want the boys to have the same memories.

    Look around you, Roman, for God's sakes, this is beautiful country.

    Take a good look.

  • Roman Craig

    I'll tell you what I see, if you want to know.

  • Chet Ripley

    Yeah, I'm curious.

  • Roman Craig

    The underdeveloped resources of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan,

    a consortium exploiting over a billion dollars in forest products.

    I see a paper mill and a mining operation,

    a green belt between lakeside condos and a waste management facility

    focusing on the newest rage in waste - medical refuse.

    Infected bandages, body parts, IV tubing, syringes,

    fluid, blood, radioactive waste - all contained,

    sunken in the lake and sealed for centuries.

    I ask you, what do you see?

  • Chet Ripley

    I just see...

    see trees.

  • Roman Craig

    No one ever accused you of having a grand vision.

    While the ambitious scramble for wealth and power,

    the Chets of the world can lay back

    and casually stroll along life's path.

    That's a compliment.

  • Chet Ripley

    Oh, thanks.

  • Roman Craig

    The rest of us will probably die of strokes long before you!

  • Chet Ripley

    I hope so. Wouldn't that be great?

    To see a bunch of people drop that you hate. That'd be something else.

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