The Stepfather | 1987

Clip Name: Jerry Slips and Attacks Susan


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Hi, honey.

    Where've you been?

    Showing the Morton house to some folks from California.

    Don't lie to me, Jerry.


    I called your office today.

    I didn't get the message.

    Of course you didn't. They said you stopped working there...

    ... several days ago.


    The recepcionist said that you left!

    That idiot!

    That new girl can't... Susan... I've never

    got anyone fired in my life,

    but that girl... I don't know...

    You mean you still work there?

    Of course. Where else would I be?

    I don't know! I just-I don't

    know what I thought. Sorry.

    This is very upsetting. I hope Grace is still there...

    No, forget it, honey. Forget it! She probably just--

    got the name wrong or something.

    Hodgkins! What's to get wrong?

    What did you say?


  • Jerry Blake

    Wait a minute...

    Who am I here?

  • Unknown

    Jerry... !


  • Jerry Blake

    Jerry Blake. Thank you, honey.

  • Unknown

    You're alright, sweetheart?


    Where are you going? Susan! Susan, come here!

    Come here!

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