To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything,... | 1995

Clip Name: Pulled Over


  • Character
  • Unknown

    "Lost in the hot embrace of Damien's sinewy bronze flesh,

    "Laritza surrendered her body completely... "


    "... melting with every touch of his insatiable lipses. "

    Oh, stop. My nerves.

    Where the freak are we?

    The last person I saw

    didn't have but two teeth in his mouth, so I guess West Virginia.

  • Vida

    Oh, what in gay hell?

  • Unknown

    What's the matter?

    This could prove problematic.


    The first name on my driver's licence is Eugene.


    Yes. Eugene?


    Can I see your licence?

    What seems to be the problem?

    You got a tail light out. Your licence.

    Oh! A tail light out. That is the very least of our problems.

    What have we got here?



    Erm... I was wondering if you could help us.

    We are three young career girls from...

    Career girls?

    Yes. From New York City.

    We are so lost you cannot believe.

    Where do you think we are?

    West Virginia?

    West Virginia?

    You're a long way from West Virginia, girls.

    Could you possibly help us find a moderately priced hotel?

    We don't go for that around these parts,

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