Training Day | 2001

Clip Name: A Fake Warrent


  • Character
  • Unknown

    You're gonna shoot me, boss?

    Close your eyes. This punk cop is gonna shoot me!

    Sit down, right now!


    Okay! Everything is fine.

    We made a mistake.

    Didn't find a damn thing. I'm very sorry.

    Thanks for your cooperation. Let's go.

    Show me that warrant.


    I want to see that goddamn warrant!

    Here you go. Let's go!



    Hey, jackers! Give me my money back.

    You ain't no police! Give me my money back!

    Jackers, why you all standing over there?! Blast them fools!

    You ain't no police!

    I want my money back!

    Start, you motherfucker!

    Fuck! Gun!

    Just get out of here!

    Stay in the car!

    Yeah, motherfuckers!

    That was not cool, all right? That was not cool at all!

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