2 Days | 2003

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2 Days | 2003

Starring: Adam Scott, Karl Wiedergott and Mark Phinney
Directed by: Sean McGinly
About this movie

Paul Miller (Paul Rudd) has struggled in Hollywood for years and now hes had enough. But not just of show business - life. In two days he will kill himself. But in true Hollywood style hes hired a film crew to chronicle the events leading up to it. An up and coming director (Adam Scott) jumps at the chance to make the documentary but soon faces a moral dilemma as to whether or not he can allow such a tragedy to happen. CAST: Paul Rudd ("Clueless", "Knocked Up", "Role Models", "Wet Hot American Summer"), Donal Logue ("Blade", "The Patriot", TVs "Grounded For Life"), Mackenzie Astin ("The Last Days of Disco", "How To Deal"), Caroline Aaron ("Along Came Polly", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Edward Scissorhands"), Graham Beckel ("Pearl Harbor", "L.A. Confidential").

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