Two Weeks Notice | 2002

Clip Name: George's Speech


  • Character
  • George Wade

    Island Towers will bring prestige to the neighborhood...

    ...and become part of Brooklyn's renaissance.

    And we're very pleased and proud to be here.

    Unfortunately, there is one fly in the ointment.

    You see, I gave my word to someone...

    ...that we wouldn't knock down this building behind me.

    Normally, and those who know me or were married to me can attest to this... word wouldn't mean very much. So why does it this time?

    Well, partly because this building is an architectural gem...

    ...and deserves to be landmarked.

    Partly because people do need a place to do senior's water ballet and CPR.

    Preferably not together.

    But mainly because this person, despite being unusually stubborn...

    ...and unwilling to compromise and a very poor dresser, is...

  • Unknown


  • George Wade

    ...rather like the building she loves so much.

    A little rough around the edges, but when you look closely...

  • Unknown

    ...absolutely beautiful.

  • George Wade

    And the only one of her kind.

    And even though I've said cruel things and driven her away...

    ...she's become the voice in my head.

    And I can't seem to drown her out.

    And I don't want to drown her out.

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