Wild Wild West | 1999

Clip Name: Grand Entrance


  • Character
  • Unknown

    Mine eyes have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord

    He is trampling out the vintage Where the grapes of wrath are stored

    He has loosed the fateful lightning Of His terrible swift sword

    His truth is marching on

    Don't you just hate that song?

  • Dr. Arliss Loveless

    Why, y'all look like you've seen a ghost.

    It's me, dear friends.

    Alive and kicking.

    Well, alive, anyway.

    We may have lost the war...

    ...but heaven knows we haven't lost our sense of humor.

    No, not even when we lost a lung...

  • Unknown

    ...a spleen...

    ...a bladder...

    ...two legs...

  • Dr. Arliss Loveless

    ...35 feet of small intestine...

    ...and our ability to reproduce, all in the name of the South!

    Do we ever lose our sense of humor?

  • Unknown

    Now, I owe a deep debt of gratitude...

    ...to our friends from across the sea for their comfort...

    ...and kindness.

    So mi casa es su casa!

    Let the party begin!

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